Dog Grooming

Most grooms take 1-2 hrs depending on the dogs coat condition and/or interruptions. Dogs can be dropped off for their groom.  Most owners find this most convenient and most dogs in fact behave better when their owner is not present. However, you are more than welcome, and owners of large dogs are encouraged to stay.
Part grooms are available.
We use a stainless steel dog bath for small and large dogs.
A full personalized one-on-one relaxed Groom includes a full coat & nail trim, a bath, towel dry and then a final finishing trim. Most grooms are done without the need of restraints. A full groom includes 2 shampoos, ear cleaning* and nails trimmed. 
The prices below are approximate and depend on the size of the dog. Talk to us about “Half grooms” which are a lot more cost effective. Please note we don’t groom dogs over 10 kg and most  full grooms cost $60 ( Bath nails and coat clip ).
  • Standard Groom $60

    Full and Half grooms available.

  • Standard Groom Without Bath $40

  • Part Groom Neg.

    Head, belly, bum, nails and paws

  • Service Baths $25

    Stainless steel dog bath for small and large dogs.

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